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Kitchen Sinks

Perrin & Rowe high-quality stainless steel kitchen and laundry sinks feature fully insulated bowls for excellent heat retention. Acquello ceramic butler-style sinks reflect the timeless craftsmanship of fireclay production, with robust walls that provide exceptional strength and resistance to impact and thermal shock. With their consistent shape, flat top edge, and precise corners, Acquello butler sinks are a cabinetmaker's dream.

What should I look for in a kitchen sink?

Stainless Steel Sinks & Ceramic Butler Sinks

Kitchen Sinks & Laundry Sinks

Are you in the market for a new sink for your kitchen or laundry, but feeling overwhelmed by the options available? At In Residence, we offer a range of high-quality kitchen and laundry sinks to suit a variety of design styles and specifications. Here are some things to consider when choosing between stainless steel sinks and ceramic butler sinks.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

Our Perrin & Rowe stainless steel kitchen sinks are a cut above the rest. Not only do they feature a sleek, zero-radius design, but they are also fully insulated for acoustic deadening and heat retention. This means that you can say goodbye to the sound of clanging dishes and enjoy longer-lasting hot water for a truly spotless clean.

The diamond-shaped base of our stainless steel kitchen sinks also ensures efficient drainage, reducing the amount of time you'll spend cleaning pesky dregs from the bottom of the sink. Plus, our mix-and-match range of sizes allows you to create a custom setup to suit your needs.

White Ceramic Butler Sinks

Looking for a more traditional or farmhouse-style sink? Our Acquello fireclay butler sinks are the perfect choice. Made from a hard and durable ceramic material that is both impact and thermal shock resistant, these butler sinks offer exceptional strength and consistency of shape.

With a range of sizes and installation options available, our fireclay butler sinks are the perfect addition to any kitchen design. The straight sides, flat top edge, and focused corners make our butler sinks a cabinetmaker's dream, while their distinctive lines and functionality ensure they will be a design icon for years to come.

At In Residence, we offer both stainless steel and ceramic butler kitchen sinks to suit your needs and design preferences. Choose the sink that best fits your style and enjoy a kitchen that looks and functions better than ever before.


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