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Privacy Hardware

All of our Joseph Giles door handles & door knobs are available with matching privacy thumb turns & coin releases. Our selection has been carefully curated, presenting you with the best matching privacy sets for your Joseph Giles door hardware.

Looking for a little Privacy?

Privacy Thumb Turns & Emergency Releases

Privacy Hardware Thumb Turns

A thumb turn is a small knob mechanism that allows you to lock or unlock an internal door by rotating it with your thumb and finger.

Privacy Hardware Emergency Releases

An emergency release, also called a coin release, is installed on the opposite side of the door, and enables the door to be unlocked from the outside. A coin or flat edged object is inserted into the small groove to turn the lock.

Privacy Hardware Matching Handles

At In Residence, we offer the full range of Joseph Giles thumb turns and releases to perfectly complement their wide array of door handles and door knobs, all in matching finishes. This page has been carefully curated to display only the best matches for every handle in the range, to make choosing the perfect privacy set easier. However, if you are interested in a Joseph Giles thumb turn or coin release that is not displayed here, we are still able to order it for you. Simply let us know.

Privacy Hardware Styles

Our curated privacy hardware collection encompasses a wide range of styles, including square, round, oval, ornate, minimalistic, modern, and traditional designs.

Privacy Hardware for Sliding Doors

For sliding doors that retract into a cavity, the door hardware needs to sit flush with the door, to prevent any obstruction. We offer a great range of sliding door hardware with incorporated privacy turns to cater for this need. View our Sliding Door Hardware.

Privacy Hardware Latches

When choosing a Latch for your door, ensure that it has privacy functionality in order to encorporate a thumb turn and release.


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