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Door Handles

Open the door to timeless elegance and effortless functionality with our exquisite range of door lever handles by world-renowned luxury architectural door hardware specialists, Joseph Giles. Experience the perfect fusion of form and function, transforming your doors into a statement of refined taste and timeless beauty.

Quality Hardware by Joseph Giles

Designer Door Handles

Door Handles by Joseph Giles

At In Residence, we sell door handles exclusively by Joseph Giles because of their superior craftsmanship and exquisite detailing. Joseph Giles are world leaders in luxury architectural hardware.

Door Handle Terminology

When specifying door handles it can be helpful to know some common terminology:

Internal passage door - an internal hinged door that does not lock.
Internal privacy door - an internal hinged door that is locked with a thumb turn & emergency release.
External door - a door to the outside that is locked with a key.
Latch - the mechanism that holds the door closed.
Mortice latch - a latch installed in a rectangular hole in the door edge.
Lock - a lockable latch.

Learn more about door hardware terminology in our guide,

Door Handle Ergonomics

Door lever handles are considered more ergonomically friendly than door knobs. The design of door lever handles allows for a more natural and comfortable hand position while operating the door. They require a simple downward motion, which is easier on the wrist and hand muscles compared to the twisting or gripping motion required by door knobs. This makes door lever handles easier to use for children, the elderly, and people with limited strengh or mobility.

Specifying Door Handles

There are many factors to consider when specifying your chosen door handle and latch: How thick is the door? How far from the door edge should the handle sit? Should I choose door knobs or lever handles? Our friendly team are here to guide you through and have a wealth of expert hardware knowledge and advice to offer.

Door Handle Latches

Joseph Giles door lever handles and latches are sold separately. Once you have selected a door handle you love, we can help you determine the right type and size door latch to pair it with. We've put together this helpful guide to assist:


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