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Pot Fillers

A Perrin & Rowe pot filler tap is a cook's dream come true. Install a beautiful Perrin & Rowe pot filler directly above your kitchen stove and enjoy the benefits.

Perrin & Rowe Pot Fillers

Why Cooks Choose a Pot Filler

Cooks everywhere know the struggle of filling large pots and preserving-pans with water. It's a time-consuming task that can be hard on the back and frustrating to manage. That's why we're excited to introduce the Perrin & Rowe pot fillers – expertly handcrafted in the UK and available now for New Zealand kitchens.

Pot Filler Features

Perrin & Rowe pot fillers are designed to make filling pots and pans easy and efficient. Simply extend the arm over the stove top and fill your pots without having to carry them to the sink. And when you're done, the pot filler folds away seamlessly, giving you back your kitchen space.

These pot fillers come equipped with a quarter-turn shut off valve at the wall, ensuring that you have complete control over the water flow. Available in all Perrin & Rowe finishes, you can choose from crosshead and metal lever options to match your kitchen's décor and design.

Why Choose a Perrin & Rowe Pot Filler

What sets Perrin & Rowe apart is their commitment to engineering excellence and attention to detail. Their products are not only aesthetically beautiful but consistently practical and pleasurable to use. When you choose a Perrin & Rowe pot filler, you're getting a product that defines style, proportion, detail, and functionality.

A Perrin & Rowe pot filler is a cook's dream come true. With its sleek and stylish design, unbeatable functionality, and unwavering attention to detail, you won't be disappointed.


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