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Stainless Steel Sinks vs Fireclay Sinks

In Residence now offers both stainless steel and fireclay sinks to suit a range of design styles and specifications.

Perrin & Rowe stainless steel sinks are not just any sink. They are a fully insulated bowl providing acoustic deadening and heat-retention. Gone are the days of disturbance from late-night dish-washing enthusiasts. These sinks will also retain the heat in your water longer with a full wrap of insulation for extra squeaky-clean dishes.


Made of rigid high-quality stainless steel that has been expertly cut and welded, the sides and base have been sculpted to give the aesthetic of a zero-radius sink. The bottom boasts a diamond shaped base which assists in drainage towards the waste – meaning less time spent cleaning those pesky dregs from the bottom of your sink.

They are a mix and match range of sizes. Choose your main sink based on the size of your oven trays and a secondary sink for symmetry or as a second drain. Stonemasons will create a division between your sinks to suit your needs.


As we now offer both stainless steel and fireclay sinks to suit a range of design styles and specifications, the question arises… how to choose between them?

Customarily, stainless steel sinks have been found in modern settings, with fireclay sinks more prevalent in farmhouse and traditional homes. However, the sleek, timeless design of both our Perrin & Rowe Stainless Steel Sinks and Acquello Fireclay Sinks ensures that either will fit into your interior scheme, whether classical or contemporary.  The choice is yours.


Fireclay is created when clay and glaze fuse together after being fired at very high temperatures (around 1600 degrees). The result is a hard and durable ceramic material that looks almost identical to enameled cast iron and is far more robust than porcelain.

The robust 35mm thick walls of our Acquello Fireclay sinks provide exceptional strength and resistance to both impact and thermal shock. Their consistency of shape, straight sides, flat surface along the top edge and focused corners make them a cabinetmaker’s dream. 

Acquello's fireclay collection offers designers a range of sizes and installation options while distinctive lines and functionality exhibit all the hallmarks of a design icon.

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