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  • G-D55-PIN
  • G-D55-PIN
  • G-D55-PIN
  • G-D55-PIN
  • G-D55-PIN
  • G-D55-PIN
  • G-D55-PIN
  • G-D55-PIN

Oxford Decorative Grilles - Hand assembled 55mm Diamond grille with Pinheads only

Model code: G-D55-PIN

Diamond hand assembled decorative grilles come in 25mm, 41mm and 55mm apertures.

ROSETTES: These hand assembled grilles are fixed together with plain pins or rosettes on pins which present to the front side. On the rear these pins are bent over and secure the mesh. Rosettes can be applied on every intersection or on alternating intersections. Rosette designs include plain and floral. If you choose to have no rosettes, you'll just see the pin heads on each intersection. When rosettes are specified, they are not placed within 20mm of the grille edge to allow for fixing into a rebate.

LAYOUT: The maximum size for hand assembled grilles is 700 x 1200mm. Patterns of the grilles are always centred. These grilles are custom made to specific size and cannot be cut or trimmed in size. The thickness of hand assembled grilles is about 3.5 to 4mm composed of 3mm solid brass square rod plus either 0.5m for fine backing mesh or 1mm for open backing mesh.

BACKING MESH: Fine 1.5mm or Open 3mm backing mesh is available in matching finish soldered to the grille.

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Finishes Available

  • antique-brass-lacquered oxford-decorative-grilles
    Antique Brass Lacquered
  • antique-copper-lacquered oxford-decorative-grilles
    Antique Copper Lacquered
  • black-nickel oxford-decorative-grilles
    Black Nickel
  • bronze-lacquered oxford-decorative-grilles
    Bronze Lacquered
  • polished-brass-lacquered oxford-decorative-grilles
    Polished Brass Lacquered
  • polished-brass-unlacquered oxford-decorative-grilles
    Polished Brass Unlacquered
  • polished-chrome oxford-decorative-grilles
    Polished Chrome
  • polished-nickel oxford-decorative-grilles
    Polished Nickel
  • satin-brass-lacquered oxford-decorative-grilles
    Satin Brass Lacquered
  • satin-brass-unlacquered oxford-decorative-grilles
    Satin Brass Unlacquered
  • satin-nickel oxford-decorative-grilles
    Satin Nickel

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