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Specifying Perrin & Rowe Outdoor Showers

Perrin & Rowe outdoor showers are essential fittings in many luxury holiday spots around the world, including Sandy Lane Resort & Spa in Barbados and Dolphin Island Resort Fiji.

Install a bare brass outdoor shower at your beach house and leave the elements to do the rest! 

Exterior shower fittings must be able to withstand the elements but all plated finishes will deteriorate in time. Perrin & Rowe make tapware and shower fittings from uncoated bare brass specifically for use outdoors, including marine environments. With exposure, brass will develop characteristic patina but not lose functionality.

Uncoated bare brass is a prudent choice for outdoor kitchens and is also gaining popularity as the selected finish for kitchen and bathroom tapware and fittings in interior projects using natural materials.

Uncoated bare brass can become a feature in exposed situations such as al fresco kitchens and for outdoor showers at beach houses. When left uncoated, high quality brass develops a golden patina which complements natural coastal elements and organic stones like granite, marble and limestone.


Our uncoated bare brass starts life bright and golden, and patinas off to a rich bronze look over time.

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