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Decorative Grilles & Perforated Sheets

It’s been a year since we fell in love with the look of our decorative grilles.

Since then we’ve received some wonderful feedback, and are pleased to announce the Decorative Grilles 2018 Collection.

We were hypnotised by the craftsmanship that went into them on our recent tour of the UK factory, and couldn’t resist sharing this captivating footage of what is truly a hand woven art form.

After building a strong relationship with our supplier we have negotiated NEW, more industry representative price points on our entire 2018 decorative grilles range.

Refer to our product listings for per square metre pricing, contact our team directly or email through the details for a personalised quote.

With an extended range and more customisation, our grilles are more adaptable than ever before.


Please note that samples for industry clients are now available.

View the grilles in situ in Volpino Pizzeria by KWD Design



Each grille is assembled by hand, and trimmed to fit your required aperture to give a perfectly symmetrical pattern.

Optional mesh backing, rosette placement and metal framing is available - all with nine different finishes to make them pop in traditional through to contemporary projects.


These are available flat brass sheets with Cross, Club, InterCircle, Inner Circle, Honey Comb, Diamond or Square cutouts.


We offer the following finishes on our decorative grilles and perforated sheets. These are applied to brass base.

Polished Brass (Lacquered), Polished Brass (Unlacquered), Antique Brass (Lacquered), Polished Nickel, Black Nickel, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Polished Chrome, Antique Copper.


Entertainment Consoles
Wine Cabinets
Security Doors
Radiator Covers
Built-in Seating
Door Surrounds (instead of usual stained glass)

Remember these are COMPONENTS to a builder only. They need fitting into a frame or surround. If a client is after specialist application for a return air vent they will need to work with their builder on the final design and configuration of this – it will need mesh / filters / hinging / surrounds etc. They are not a final product.



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