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Brass Fittings For Kitchens and Bathrooms

Connect with natural brass; ‘living’ materials bring another dimension to the home. 

“Interior design has a new focus on the use of materials in a less processed and more natural state. It responds to a need to connect with nature as well as a growing desire to be surrounded by things that feel authentic and have integrity.”

Today’s contemporary kitchen or bathroom is no longer all about white surfaces, highly polished stainless steel and glittering chrome fittings.  Modern kitchens and bathrooms are frequently a compilation of natural stone and timber surfaces and fittings in metallic finishes.

Tapware, lighting, cabinet handles and other architectural hardware are now available in a wide range of materials and finishes.  This enables a designer to make a more considered selection and to specify products which will define the project, lifting it above the ordinary. 

Bare brass, bronze and copper fittings are among the new desirables.  In the past these finishes remained around for door knockers, cookware and marine fittings. Leading product designers now recognise them as exciting ‘living’ materials which give another dimension to great design. 

Uncoated metal finishes present an honesty which is missing in many modern materials used in mass produced products. They are what they are - living finishes which will mature in time with use.  The appeal of their use as an organic element in kitchens and bathrooms is this very process of aging.  Interior design magazines and blogs currently feature service rooms with an array of surfaces and fittings made from brass and copper which is being allowed to age slowly over time. The patina resulting from this aging process gives a beautiful and timeless look.

Our English brands Perrin & Rowe, Armac Martin and Hawthorn Hill have been at the forefront of the renaissance of materiality in interior architecture.  All of the brass fittings they manufacture for kitchens and bathrooms are available in two distinct finishes: polished brass which is reminiscent of the past and satin or brushed brass, a newer take for the future.  Brass has endured for centuries and in its updated, modern forms it will continue to enchant for years hence.

​by Stephan Marshall, Director.

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