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Perrin & Rowe - Polished Brass

Finish Code: BR

POLISHED BRASS: This Polished Brass is uncoated brass without any lacquer or other clear coating.

Uncoated bare brass has become increasingly popular as the finish of choice for kitchen and bathroom fittings. With a nod to the Japanese philosophy of wabi sabi, designers and homeowners are celebrating the honesty and changing nature of bare brass. As a living finish, the initial highly polished appearance will mature over time to develop the unique character of aged brass. The bronze patina of high-quality brass complements natural elements such as timber, granite, marble, limestone and copper.

We recommend this uncoated brass finish for al fresco kitchen taps and outdoor showers, particularly in coastal areas where the brass will rapidly patina without loss of functionality, becoming a striking feature.

Perrin & Rowe brass products are manufactured by skilled craftsmen in their factories in England.  Some minor imperfections in the surface of the material are not defects, but a feature of a handmade product.

INSTALLATION: It is important your plumber uses clean hands or gloves when installing your fittings and cleans off any plumbing product. Ask them to cover the fittings if they are installed before the room is finished to avoid scratches and splatters from paint and commercial cleaning products.

CARE & MAINTENANCE: With regular use, expect that spotting will develop on the surface of uncoated brass from everyday chemicals splashing on to the fitting, particularly with taps which receive high use. Food acids such as lemon juice in the kitchen and bathroom products such as toothpaste and shaving foam are common causes. These marks contribute towards the final patina of the fitting.

Brass fittings can be cleaned routinely with mild soap and water which will not alter the patina development. To slow the development of patina, wash and dry your tap after each use – or relax and celebrate the changes!

Over time, Polished Brass will develop a patina and the surface lose its brightness. If desired, the shine can be restored with occasional use of a very mild abrasive cleaner like Brasso (some supermarkets) or Autosol Liquid Metal Polish (available from an automotive product supplier or hardware store).

FINISH WARRANTY: There is no finish warranty for bare brass items as they have no plated finish or coating.

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