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Perrin & Rowe - Pewter

Finish Code: PF

PEWTER FINISH: The Perrin & Rowe Pewter finish is a brushed, satin nickel finish which will complement stainless steel sinks and appliances. 

THE NATURE OF PEWTER FITTINGS: Perrin & Rowe brass products are manufactured by skilled craftsmen in their factories in England. Tapware and accessories are manufactured from premium brass and the nickel finish is applied over the brass. The nickel is then brushed to give a satin finish with the appearance of Pewter.

It must be noted that this is NOT stainless steel. This Pewter finish has warm tones and is known as a ‘living finish’. This means it responds to the environment, over time darkening slightly to develop a natural patina.

INSTALLATION: It is important your plumber uses clean hands or gloves when installing your fittings and cleans off any plumbing product. Ask them to cover the fittings if they are installed before the room is finished to avoid scratches and splatters from paint and commercial cleaning products. NB: Paints continue to cure for a few days; vapours released during this process can sometimes cause metal finishes to discolour or tarnish. It is best to wait until no paint odour can be detected before installing plumbing trim pieces.

CARE & MAINTENANCE: Products such as food acids in the kitchen and bathroom staples such as toothpaste and shaving foam will affect the surface of the Pewter finish and cause tarnishing. Some water contains minerals that will leave deposits as water spots if allowed to dry on this finish.

Get into the habit of rinsing soap off the shower fittings when finished and wiping basin taps to remove splashes. Pewter fittings should be cleaned regularly with a damp soft cloth before being dried off with a clean cloth. A pH neutral mild detergent may be used if desired. If uneven discolouration occurs, the fittings can be occasionally cleaned with Autosol Liquid Metal Polish (available from an automotive product supplier or hardware store).

PEWTER FINISH WARRANTY: Perrin & Rowe products are manufactured in brass by craftsmen in its factory in England. Some minor imperfections in the materials and finish are not defects, but a feature of a handmade product. Pewter finish is warranted against manufacturing defects for five (5) years from the date of purchase of product.

The finish warranty is voided by:

  • Damage to finishes which arises from installation or post installation use.
  • Failure to observe manufacturer’s care and cleaning instructions.
  • Damage to finishes by adhesives, sealants, paint or any solvents used to remove them.
  • Damage to finishes by use of unsuitable cleaning agents or improper materials contrary to the manufacturer’s Care and Maintenance instructions. These include cleaning agents containing acidic, corrosive, abrasive, citrus or alcohol based substances or through scouring of a surface by abrasive cloths, sponge pads or similar.

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