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Soak in Style - Select your perfect bath

Take the guesswork out of choosing the right freestanding bath for your space.

Freestanding baths from In Residence create a beautiful decorative focal point within a bathroom, whilst providing the ultimate luxurious reward. Perfect for soaking in after a long day, we definitely endorse investing in a space at home to be your very own spa retreat or sanctuary. By creating a place of privacy and self-care, you will be able to unwind and focus fully on yourself for a moment.

Freestanding baths have become a growing trend as the romance of a luxurious bathing experience takes precedence in the planning of a new bathroom. The popularity for freestanding baths has continued to gain momentum in New Zealand, being supported by an incredible array of new styles and material technology in the market.  

With so much choice in the market, how do you make the right decision?

When choosing the right bath, there are four factors to consider, ensuring your choice will be the appropriate fit and style for your home or project: Installation, Ergonomics, Style and Materiality.



When deciding on a bath, it is first important to understand the limitations of your bathroom.

What are the dimensions of the room?

We recommend that you allow at least a body width of space around a freestanding bath to enable access and cleaning. We offer baths in various shapes and sizes to provide the perfect layout in your bathroom.

What is the access like to the space?

At In Residence, we offer baths that modestly weigh between 50 and 110kgs, in state-of-the-art materials. This allows for manageable manoeuvring of the bath once it arrives at your building site, an important consideration to prevent unnecessary damage on installation. We recommend you install a bath where you can adequately access the space with two people on each end of the bath as you bring it in.


Designed to provide a place of relaxation and luxury, a comfortable bath is a necessity. Ergonomically, not all baths are created equal – just as our bodies are all different. We offer a range of styles and shapes to suit all body types. In Residence offers a selection of silhouettes for a range of different requirements, to accommodate short or tall, skinny or wide singles, couples or a gaggle of children.

A bath should feel as spacious as it is cosy – an essential consideration for reaching maximum relaxation levels. Depending on a person’s height, a bath will feel completely different and ideally you should test out your dream bath before committing.

When testing a bath in the showroom, we recommend being able to just touch the other end of the bath with your feet when in a comfortable reclining position, and wide enough that it’s not touching your sides. For those on the shorter side, or baths intended for smaller family members – our knowledgeable team can advise on our more compact bath options.

As Sydney stylist, Megan Morton attests ‘The freestanding tub is the new frontier’…
‘It’s not just a bathtub, it’s a self-hug’.



In the famous words of Yves Saint Laurent, 'Fashions fade, style is eternal’.

Our luxury products and world-class brands will speak for themselves.

We have a curated selection of luxury baths that will enhance a range of interior styles.
With streamline silhouettes complemented by old-world charm, our baths will remain a timeless fixture in any home. Your interior designer will ensure that the period, design and style of your bath and home are in perfect harmony.



The material of a bath can also play a major role in your bathing experience.
We stand by the luxury materiality of all baths offered through In Residence.

We do not offer acrylic baths which can warp and flex over time in heat stressed situations nor cast iron baths which loose heat quicky as the iron conducts the warmth out of the water and you find yourself forever topping up your bath with hot!


The Water Monopoly white baths are manufactured using Vitrite, a stone and mineral composite, which replicates the feel and glossy look of a traditional fireclay bath.

Vitrite is a UK-patented resin composite, 50% harder than acrylic, so the baths can be produced in these beautiful shapes. The Water Monopoly has taken the original fireclay baths they have found throughout Europe and produced them in Vitrite, to allow for the romance of these wonderful stone baths without the impossible weight.

Vitrite withstands long term exposure to heat, is scratch & chemical resistant and won’t chip, crack, or fracture. It only needs to be cleaned using a soft liquid detergent.
The Water Monopoly offer a guarantee of 25 years on Vitrite.

This new material keeps water hot for longer and is soft and warm to touch. It can also be produced in any colour, throughout the Paris, Hanley, Soho and Rockwell collections.

Copper or Brass Tubs

Additionally, the brass or copper base material of The Water Monopoly’s Martha Bath also boasts innovative insulation qualities. The extra deep base and curved sides are an added bonus – perfect for a luxurious soak. The Martha baths can be finished in high polish, tinned or painted finishes.


With easy to install, comfortable, stylish and most importantly heat-retaining designs available from The Water Monopoly, we will have the perfect bath waiting for you.

If you wish to experience our baths for yourself, we have an ever-changing curation of our latest and best-selling models on our showroom floor.

Hop in and put them to the test yourself - just don't forget to take your shoes off!




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