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Perrin & Rowe’s Traditional Tap Collection

If you're on the hunt for quality traditional kitchen taps, you'll fall in love with Perrin & Rowe’s range...

MADE IN ENGLAND - Manufactured exclusively in the UK, the Perrin & Rowe Traditional and Country Collections span everything from bridge mixers to monoblocs and with a extensive range of styling and finishing options such as lever or crosshead handles, traditional goose-neck and country spouts and deck or wall-mounted designs available, it’s literally possible to design your own tap. Even custom designed taps can add a bespoke touch, with black, white or metal lever handles, integrated with outstanding traditional finishes including chrome, nickel, pewter, gold and satin brass or polished brass.

Greg Rowe, one of the founding fathers of Perrin & Rowe, offers tips for traditional kitchen schemes:

Whatever your kitchen scheme, a tap can now be a design statement in its own right, so choose with care and treat it as an important accessory that will help to harmonise your kitchen.

Think about the shapes that will surround your tap – for example, the sink and work-surface – and try to complement them. For instance, don’t go for angular or cubic taps with round bowls – they’ll look at odds. Similarly, match chunky sinks such belfasts and butlers with robust taps such as bridge style mixers.

Consider the textures your kitchen incorporates, too. Chrome finish is a classic and nickel has a wonderful, warm glow that works well with warmer, homely schemes. Soften a pewter tap and stainless sink by choosing a tap with porcelain levers.

Options such as stand-alone spray rinses will make the most of your tap – and are indispensable for quickly spritzing fruit and veges.

Water filter dispenser taps such as the Perrin & Rowe Country Dispenser Tap, which dispenses beautiful filtered water, are great sink additions. They are connected to a state-of-the-art filter in stainless steel housing underbench – and are indispensable for the discerning entertainer. 

Experience the operation of different taps in the market, and look for something you’ll enjoy using daily. Go for well-engineered taps that include features such as quarter turn ceramic valves & aerators. Quarter turn valves give a quality, precise feel when you turn the tap on and off and are very durable, whilst aerators can help prevent splashing.

Finally, buy the best you can afford and consider your tap an essential component of your kitchen. Kitchen mixer taps are the fitting used most often in the kitchen.





SPRAY RINSE - In addition, all Perrin & Rowe kitchen taps are now available with matching spray rinses to one side. Indispensable for quickly spritzing garden fresh vegetables or crockery before placing in the dishwasher, rinses work by diverting hot, cold or mixed water from the tap. Rinses have a hose of 120cm and are safe, flexible and easy to use. Even better, Perrin & Rowe’s patented diverter ensures that, unlike many similar products, the rinse is effective from just 1 bar (45psi) of water pressure.

CERAMIC DISC VALVES - Engineered from solid brass, Perrin & Rowe’s traditional kitchen taps not only look good, but are also built to perform to the highest expectations – day in, day out. Unlike old fashioned taps of the past, Perrin & Rowe Kitchen Mixer Taps feature hard-wearing ceramic, quarter-turn valves for a smoother on/off action and are fitted with aerators to promote a softer, splash-free flow of water.

Perrin & Rowe traditional kitchen taps are part of the full traditional range available from In Residence in Auckland, New Zealand, including traditional bathroom taps, heritage style bathroomware, including basins on pedestals, bidets and toilets, and elegant classical bathroom accessories.

Perrin & Rowe taps have a world-wide reputation for original designs which are perfectly balanced in form and function. The hand of the maker is apparent in the attention to detail and finish of each tap which is fully assembled and tested before leaving the Perrin & Rowe factory in England. 

STEEPED IN TRADITION - Select the Traditional Kitchen Tap Collection’s best-selling Phoenician or Ionian with porcelain white handles for a truly timeless look or perhaps opt for the elegantly matched metal handles for classic, understated style. From the Country Kitchen Mixer Taps Collection it’s hard to go wrong with the Provence taps over double sink and Aquitaine or Picardie over single traditional butler’s sinks to create a heritage style farmhouse kitchen.

SWIVEL SPOUTS - All taps embody the essence of chic, rustic style and feature country style swivel spouts that perfectly reach over deep butler or belfast sinks. For kitchen taps that are not old-fashioned in technology, that may be traditional in style, but cutting edge in manufacturing and innovation, seek Perrin & Rowe traditional taps.

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